We’ll Help You Bridge The Gap Between Your Long Term Goals and The Talent Necessary To Achieve Them

NRG partners with clients to help them hire the best people in our business, not just whomever happens to be available. Because of our specialized knowledge of the industries we serve and our commitment to building the careers of top candidates, we are able to identify and introduce passive candidates that would not otherwise be available.

Rebounding off of the Covid-19 pandemic, top candidates are in short supply. Are you ready to fight for your fair share?

As the war for tech talent endures and with the demographic shifts forecasted in the industries we serve, it is essential for technology companies to attract top talent who can bring vision, discipline, diversity and innovation to their team.

We are trusted advisors to our clients, providing them valuable insight throughout the hiring process. They view us as their eyes and ears in the market, keeping them abreast of current trends, as well as providing feedback on the company’s public perception. We are often our clients’ best source of PR, getting their messaging out to the industry in a consistent, effective, and professional manner

Up to 12 Month Recruitment Guarantee!

Protect your investment, hire with confidence and avoid costly hiring mistakes. If the standard 90-day guarantee isn’t enough time to decide if a new hire will be successful, we have you covered with extended guarantee options.

How We Work?


Retained search is the most appropriate form of engagement when a client wants the recruiting firm to conduct a full search, screen all applicants and narrow the candidate field down to three or four qualified applicants. These candidates will have been fully vetted and evaluated on multiple fronts by the recruiting firm, including multiple interviews, screening assessments, full background checks and references. When engaged in this way, the recruiting firm assumes responsibility for implementing its own screening process, as well as that of the hiring company as agreed upon at the time of engagement.


Priority Searches are recommended when clients desire for their recruiter to invest dedicated time and resources to conduct a thorough, strategic search highly focused on passive candidates. Priority searches guarantee that we will present our client with three qualified candidates within fifteen business days and also guarantee a continuous flow of candidates until the position is filled.


Contingency search is an option recommended when the employer will assume responsibility for a majority of the screening and vetting process, and when an employer anticipates interviewing candidates from multiple sources. A contingency search is typically utilized when the hiring needs are less urgent.

NRG is strictly dedicated to understanding your firm’s recruiting needs and creating a strategy to identify and attract the best talent to your team, company and culture.

Need Top Talent Fast?

Preferred Partner Plan

NRG Search offers a revolutionary plan with the aim of equipping technology executives to win the war on talent. This plan can reduce recruiting fees by 50% or more, while vastly improving the quality and results of your company’s recruiting strategy.

Plan Basics

The client company retains Northstar Resources Group on a monthly basis for a fee which completely covers all placements made during the course of the consulting relationship.

NRG will develop a Client Profile Description as well as multiple job descriptions jointly with our client through consultations with key stakeholders and hiring managers to ensure “right-fit” hires for each position.

Benefits Of The Plan

We get to know our clients inside and out. This knowledge not only helps us to attract talent, but also enables us to recognize the needs and unique candidate profiles required to meet key objectives for each hiring manager.

The Power of Perception:

A company’s ability to attract top talent is linked inextricably to their reputation and standing within an industry. Do you know what your recruiters are saying about you? The Preferred Partner Plan ensures a unified, well focused, consistent presentation of the client company within the industry.

Optimal Efficiency:

The Preferred Partner Plan eliminates the need for clients to educate and inform a myriad of recruiters for each successive position.

Increased Savings and Greater Value:

Preferred Partner clients can save 50% or more on recruiting fees by utilizing a win/win strategy of economy.

True Partnership:

The Preferred Partner Plan focuses on the relationship with our clients, not just the fee at the end of a single placement.


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